People are often confused on what a MRO (Motorcycle Rights Organization) is all about. From this page you can see where TMRA II came from, where it is going, and who to talk with about getting involved. Until then let's get some definitions set so we can speak the same language.


Bikers:  (Our Definition) All person involved with riding 2 or sometimes 3 wheeled motorized vehicles.  This includes Motorcycle Enthusiast, Dirt Trackers, Motorcross riders, Motorcycle Club members, and all sports or activities involving motorcycles.
Biker Image:  How the general public (non-bikers) views bikers.  (Our Thought)  Leave the image thing to the Motorcycle industry. Our concern is to educate Bikers about the Legislative Process.
Politically Correct:  (Our Thoughts)  This deals with the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you".  Anything else is redundant.
Texas Motorcycle Rights Association: In order to properly define it lets break it up first..
Texas:  The best place to be.
Motorcycle:  2 or sometimes 3 wheeled motorized vehicles.
Rights:  a.k.a - Liberty -- What your forefathers fought and died for...
Association:  All of us working together for all the above.
So to sum it up Texas Motorcycle Rights Assoc. is
Bikers working together to make Texas the best place to ride...


We are the newest Motorcycle Rights movement in the state. Founded July 4, 1992, and incorporated as an educational organization, we have given new meaning to the word Grassroots. It is our goal to teach riders from Texas how things really work in Austin. Since our inception, we have been recognized nationwide as one of the most effective Rights organizations in the country.

We hope to persuade you to become involved to protect our right to ride free and show you how to have more fun, on a motorcycle, than you ever thought possible while doing it.

Originally we were part of the Texas Motorcycle RoadRiders Association, hence TMRA II. Soon after our inception, the goals and growing pains put a strain on the organization that made it better for both groups to become separate entities. Although we have never changed our name, which has led to some confusion, we have stayed connected in spirit and support with the RoadRiders Association and will continue to do so.


We started by teaching riders how to become delegates to the party of their choice. The '94 Primaries were our 1st endeavor and proved to be even more successful than we had dreamed they would be. Nearly all of our members became delegates to their party's state conventions.

In 1994 we established "DREAM TOWN" at Joe Poole Lake as our base of operation during the Democratic Convention. We started a parade to the convention center, on Saturday morning, and the rest became history.

Our association held the first ever biker caucus at a state convention and it was the largest and drew the most attention of any caucus held that day. We spoke on the floor for an amendment to repeal the state helmet law and the rafters shook with the AYE vote. It was magic. We rode into Fort Worth a rag tag army and rode out as seasoned veterans of the political arena.

In 1996 we established "REALITY CITY" at Joe Poole Lake as our base of operation during the Democratic Convention. Our association's biker caucus was even larger this time around at the state convention and it again was the largest and drew the most attention of any caucus held that day. We once again got the amendment to repeal the state helmet law and once again the AYE vote won. We invite you to join us on our next foray.


We have divided the state along state senatorial district lines and each district has an advisor, which is elected by the current members in that district. The state Chair is elected by all current members and the secretary/treasurer is appointed by the Chair, with District Advisor's approval.

Elections are held by mail-in-ballot. The ballots are counted and the new officers seated at the May meeting during odd numbered years. Term of office is two years.

As chapters are established (with advisor's approval) they shall elect any officers they deem necessary, in any manner they choose, and for term limits they find expedient. No one may be a voting member of more than one chapter.